Mother Nurture

I've taken some time out from writing of late, to do the title of this blog, some nurturing of my own dear Mum. Since her diagnosis last year, she has undergone six months of chemotherapy and then three months ago has had the courage to undergo a revolutionary bone marrow transplant. It's not an easy … Continue reading Mother Nurture

Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat. Life-changing.

     About a month ago I was lucky enough to spend one glorious week at Gwinganna resort in the Gold Coast Hinterland with my amazing Mum. It’s called a ‘Lifestyle’ retreat, but known lovingly as a health retreat by friends and converts alike. Gwinganna is a special special place. If you find yourself ever … Continue reading Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat. Life-changing.

The idiocracy of the ‘health’ system

About 2 months ago, I went with my mother to the hospital to meet with her doctor about her bone marrow transplant. A massive operation which she will undertake in January. Fingers and toes crossed that this goes well and that her body 'takes' the new immune system. More on this later. The hospital I … Continue reading The idiocracy of the ‘health’ system

Microwave Experiment – Update

I'm pleased to say that after 3 months, 2 of them being Winter we have survived as a non-microwave family! Initially, I wasn't sure how we would cope with quick Winter meals, heating up last nights left overs or defrosting chicken quickly before dinner when I've forgot to leave it out to thaw. But, I … Continue reading Microwave Experiment – Update

I quit Sugar!

About 6 months ago I read Sarah Wilson's eBook- I Quit sugar. It made a lot of sense. I'd heard a lot about giving sugar the flick, and knew about how we are all eating far too much of it, and Sarah's book explained it simply and succinctly. I had not known that sugar was … Continue reading I quit Sugar!

Detoxing…part 1.

Fact: Our bodies are constantly exposed to a toxic cocktail of heavy metals, chemicals, pesticides, and other pollutants, now more than ever. They are in the air we breathe, the food we eat, and the water we drink.    I've been wanting to write a post about detoxing for a long time, and each time I’ve … Continue reading Detoxing…part 1.