Life-changing ‘bread’

I can't explain why this bread is so good, and why it is so life-changing but when there are so many things you "can't" eat, it's refreshing when you come across something so delicious and fulfilling that you enjoy making and sharing! I take this name from its creator, a long time favourite Blog of … Continue reading Life-changing ‘bread’

Sweet Treats (sugar free!)

As I have discussed here, I have been on a journey where I 'quit sugar' over two years ago. Since then I can't believe how much better I feel, not trapped in the sugar highs and lows of life. I'm so much less 'foggy' in the head and have also lost inches all over. I … Continue reading Sweet Treats (sugar free!)

Cooking for the Soul & Recipe

When my mum died, one of the things I missed the most was her incredible meals. She is always remembered for her cooking, her understanding of flavours and of special family rituals.  Whether it was a special occasion like a birthday or just a regular mid-week meal, the food was always restaurant quality. One of … Continue reading Cooking for the Soul & Recipe

Kale Pesto

I was out with some friends recenlty who thought that if you ate 'sugar free' /gluten free that the food would also be 'taste free'! There are so many amazing flavours that make a meal delicious, and once you discover fresh chilli, lemongrass, fresh herbs, nuts, oils, spices, coconut milk, vanilla pods, and you have … Continue reading Kale Pesto

All things coconutty…

I love coconuts. I love them whole as baby coconuts for their water. I love them as milk. I love them as coconut pieces slightly browned and added to yoghurt, or thrown in my porridge and into sugar free sweet treats, and I love using coconut oil in cooking. I've had lots of people ask … Continue reading All things coconutty…

Raw Cacao Green Smoothie

After my raw food cooking class that I attended last week, I was reminded and refreshed about how good a green smoothie is for us. I also learned about digestive enzymes in raw food and how important these are for the digestive process and that many of these are destroyed when food is heated (more … Continue reading Raw Cacao Green Smoothie

Healthy nutty snacks for ‘on the go’ !

It has been a busy start to the year, and despite the supposed 'rest and recovery' that happens at the start of a new year, mine has been the opposite. Busy time with family and friends over Christmas, and then back into fantastic but hectic work with a busy fitness calendar thrown in. Before I … Continue reading Healthy nutty snacks for ‘on the go’ !