Mother Nurture – 4.5 years on!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted properly or with any regularity here…the past 3 years have seen me lose my mum, become a mum twice over, and adjust to all that in between raising two kids and supporting my husband and finishing off my Institute of Integrative Nutrition Course.  I must confess there hasn’t been a lot of time to ‘Nurture’ this Mother in between the chaos and fun that is life! I first started writing this blog as I became fascinated with health and wellness and wanted to understand what really made us feel truly ‘well’. And what I could do to support my mum as she was facing a tough cancer battle.

It helped plant the seed for so much of my own personal discovery into health and wellness, and what I could do to really thrive and feel great, not just survive. It seems everyone is busy, everyone is ‘time-poor’ and although we are working harder than ever we are sicker than ever and more exhausted than ever. Dr Libby ( has been a long time mentor for me and it doesn’t surprise me that her game-changing book “Rushing Women’s Syndrome” still dominates shelf space. I’m proud in hind-sight of how relevant the title of this blog was as Mother Nurture. Like most busy Mum’s I don’t have a lot of spare time but I hope to be able to share some interesting thoughts and article links with you here.


Ridiculous amounts of happy

I’ve recently become a mum for the second time, and I can honestly say with all my heart I have never been happier in my life. Sure there are some things that I wish were different in my world, the main one being that I wish my mum was here to hold my beautiful new baby girl, and to see my gorgeous little boy and how wonderful these children are, but another part of me knows that she IS with me every moment, and that the reason they are so wonderful is because of her influence. Over me as child and teaching me how to mother, and now as her spirit guides me on how to nurture my gorgeous babies. As I look at my two sleeping children, my 20 month toddler on the monitor as he has his day time nap, and my new baby girl asleep in her bassinet I have to pinch myself at how lucky I am. Some say you make your own luck, maybe you do, but I feel so grateful for this gift that is motherhood. There is so much written about how hard it is, and motherhood itself has become such a competitive sport that there is always a new ‘way’ to parent. But I wanted to take the time to remind myself how incredibly wonderful it is and how incredibly happy my children make me. I realise it is not everyone that feels this and it is not everyone who finds it so ‘easy’ so to speak…but I find incredible comfort in being a Mum, and when I follow my instincts it seems so natural and unforced. The happiest of things are the simplest of things. The little kiss my son gives his baby sister, the little look of recognition from my 2 week old when I talk to her, the feeling of content as the four of us sit in bed in the morning, me feeding my daughter and my son watching on, my husband beside me, and the feeling inside me that we made these little people is so incredible and rewarding. It’s a lovely sunny day here, before his nap toddler has been playing happily on his own outside in the garden for what feels the first time ever and as they rest I wanted to take a moment to celebrate this happy feeling, and enjoy it. We are often too quick to feel a moment and move on to the next one and not enjoy it for all that it is. These incredibly simple little people in our lives can teach us so much and offer so much wisdom. As I said in the title, today I am jut feeling ridiculous amounts of happy and I wanted to share this lovely feeling and remind myself of this when other days don’t feel so bright.

Long time between posts!

It’s been nearly a year since I last wrote. In that time I’ve had a little baby boy (who is now 9 months!) and as I have become a mother myself – creating my own version of ‘mother nurture’. I first started this blog when my mum was sick with lymphoma and I wanted to understand more about why that may be and – noticing many similarities between us – what I could do to ensure it didn’t happen to me too. Since her passing and the ever evolving circle of life with me becoming a mother just 9 months later, I seem to understand more and more everyday about how self care is so important but how the priority is not yourself when you first have a baby! It’s really hard to nurture yourself, it’s so primal to want to care for the baby you nurture. Everything becomes about that new child. I recently flew to America with my little man and was reminded on the plane about in the event of something happening that we are to put our own oxygen masks on first! Only then can we be of the utmost assistance to our loved ones. It seemed like a perfect reminder that I needed to get written down on here!

Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat. Life-changing.


About a month ago I was lucky enough to spend one glorious week at Gwinganna resort in the Gold Coast Hinterland with my amazing Mum. It’s called a ‘Lifestyle’ retreat, but known lovingly as a health retreat by friends and converts alike. Gwinganna is a special special place. If you find yourself ever able to, I would advise you to go there at least once in your lifetime. It changes something in you!

All that I have written, thought and executed in my ‘healthy’ life, was realised and actualised in the week at Gwinganna. So many of the questions for why my body responded in a certain way were answered. The science and education was such an interesting and enlightening experience for me. (So much so that I want to take this study further.) I do not have any qualifications in the health or wellness industry, just a passion and a keen interest. However, I have discovered an amazing course called the Institute of Integrative Nutrition based out of New York, but that is studied online. And…I am thrilled to say I will be starting this course in 2 weeks time! Will look forward to sharing much of my knowledge with you here!

As guests of Gwinganna we started the day at 5.30am with a gentle knock on the door, before we get ready and head off to do Qi Gong at 6am as the sun comes up. Then a huge walk through nature to get the blood pumping. Returning to camp for a delicious gluten free, dairy free home cooked breakfast. Then the morning is spent doing a mix of some yin (slow) and yang (hard/ fast) activity as and then at 11.30am we meet up for the education seminars. We had some truly amazing people lecture us and help us to put the pieces of the ‘wellness’ puzzle together. Lunch is at 1pm and then from 2pm until 6pm there is ‘dream-time‘ where one spends time getting massaged, pummeled and scrubbed in the absolute world class day spa. Life has never felt so good!

After an early dinner, you retire to your gorgeous room, with no tv’s or screens as distraction to help you drift into a blissful sleep ready to do it all again tomorrow.

I came home from the week away with some incredible clarity about health and wellness, some lovely new friends and a feeling of calm that I have never before experienced. I can’t wait to go back one day, and I hope you get the opportunity to also!

What’s your chakra?

I am sure many of your have heard about Chakra’s but perhaps you don’t understand what they mean for you? With more news of a family members ill health, I decided to learn to understand these better and how they affect my life. There are 7 main (primary) chakras in our lives- which all influence our health greatly. The premise is that the health concerns related to them are caused by an imbalance in the chakra itself, at an emotional and spiritual level. This then manifests into a physical ailment.
The belief is that illness, is for us and those around us, is an opportunity to learn a higher lesson. And deciding if you want to learn from that lesson is part of the battle!
Your whole body can be affected depending on the emotions and concerns that you carry around with you. Childhood, work, life and other stresses or issues that you may not consciously be aware of could be the cause of your illness now.
Please don’t jump down my throat, as I don’t think that every single thing that goes wrong with you physically is a chakra issue because we are human beings that are affected by nature and accidents happen.
However, we all have intuition and we all are often provided with ‘hints’ about what you should be doing and how you should be living but we often ignore the words. “I know I need to lose some weight, I know I need to drink less” are all too often spoken phrases…but this post is a good chance to ask yourself…do you know what you need to change but continually postpone taking action? If so, why is that? Chakra work is not easy…so don’t for one minute think we can all just have some deep ‘me’ time and all our problems will be sorted. But as humans, and as Australians, we have the tendency to ‘sweep things under the carpet’ and according to Chakra philosophies, those emotions are transferred at a cellular level in our bodies. Often, it’s only where there is a bulge in the carpet do we notice/ take action. And even then we sometimes need to be reminded of the lesson! I’m really fascinated by this topic and so ’ll be writing more about this but I’d love to know what you think, or if you have had any chakra experiences which have changed you?

Women and happiness.

I have recently come across a few articles that inform me of the fact that women’s happiness levels are declining. Given the fact that we can now vote, work, speak our minds and even become prime-minister we are led to believe that women have all we’ve ever wanted. However, according to certain surveys this doesn’t appear to be the case. Marcus Buckingham has written about this in his bestselling book ‘Find Your Strongest Life’ and has said that results show that over the last 40 years or so, “life is not trending toward more fulfillment for women; life is…becoming more draining instead”. Buckingham has even quoted Thomas Jefferson in saying that  “though women now have the liberty to choose whichever life they’d like, many are struggling in their pursuit of a happy life.”
As I look amongst my friends, most do seem pretty happy. But most of us are also at that wonderful stage of being DINKS (double income no kids). I am sure once children come into the picture life balance will get a whole lot harder. Being very interested in the topic and from my own observations my personal belief is that women can’t have it all….right now. You can have the perfect job, family, clean house, fit body, social life, relationship, as well as some ‘me time’, BUT just not all at the same time. And I think anyone who tries to tell me otherwise is deluding themselves! Unless of course you have the most perfect partner who is at home to share the load. You often will hear women say “I just can’t do it all” and in many ways we need to accept that something has to give. A while ago, Germain Greer made a comment that said that nothing has changed with feminism, other than the fact that “women are now doing all the work”. And I think in many instances this is true. Most of us can’t afford a nanny, a cleaner, a cook, a gardener and what I feel has happened is women are now working alongside men but yet they also have another full time job when they get home – one that is not paid but that is equally if not more demanding (and some would argue even more important). When I was a child and was asked what my parents did for a living I used to say ‘my mum doesn’t work”. Ouch! With 4 kids, a dog, a large house to run and an energetic busy husband her job was busier than many! And it’s only now do I realise how much of an insult this must have been for her. “A woman’s work is never done” is a famous statement for a reason.  No wonder why women’s happiness is suffering. So what do you think? Are we happier now? Is is harder? We have so many pro’s of being empowered in both the work place and home, but with it does it get harder to be truly happy?

These are a few of my favourite things…White linen.

Don’t you just love fresh white sheets? Seriously, is there anything better than hopping into bed, all nice and fresh after a shower and a day full of exercise and good food – and diving into that gorgeous crisp but smooth feeling of freshly laundered 400 thread count Egyptian white sheets?
I don’t think so, and I often muse about this on my twitter account and many seem to agree! White is timeless, crisp, universal and calming. I’m sure there are also other spiritual elements of white that I am yet to learn.
I normally wash our sheets once a week on Sundays as I seem to have more time then to hang them out in the sun and pull them in when required. Because of this, it makes going to bed on Sunday night pure joy rather than a disappointment after the lovely weekend we’ve just had.
Country Road do a great job of making the whole ‘white sheet theme’ work, but in my experience their quality is not as good as Sheridan and the White Linen company or Moss River.
For me, clean white sheets provide positive and calming energy to make for beautiful sleep – and as sleep is so important to our bodies ability to repair and heal, why would you not want to make sure you can do everything you can to help enhance the sleep experience?
Hope you all sleep well tonight, I know I will!