I started this blog because I wanted to understand a bit more about what it means to be truly ‘well’. Why do some of us get sick and not others who lead very similar lives? And what makes us truly ‘thrive’ in our own bodies?

My mum has been diagnosed with cancer three times and leaning of this information has really made me question… what is this ‘sickness’ and why has it decided to manifest in her body? What can we do to make it better? How does this happen? Why does this happen? Is she doing something wrong? Is she eating something wrong? Does her mind have something to do with it?  What are the lessons we need to take from this? Obviously, being her daughter I notice a lot of similar lifestyle and food behaviours. More and more I am questioning my own bodies responses to certain foods and actions and wondering why x can make my body act in a certain way. It’s a challenge at times to question the status quo but I know that the more I know, the more I want to learn.  I love technology, I love social media, I think we are very lucky to exist in a time when technology has enabled us to share what we learn. And so I have decided to spread my learning along the way.

This blog is about my journey of understanding and respecting your body, as well as using my own body as bit of a guinea pig and seeing what does and doesn’t make a difference.
It is also a little bit about me and my life, about my version of being healthy, about what I have learned (and what I am still learning!) a little bit about being a woman in the 21st century, some yummy recipes, a little bit about the mind, body and soul connection and also just general musings and other information that I feel like writing or have picked up along the way.

It’s a process of learning and sharing along the way. I’ve got a lot of thoughts that sometimes I just want to put out there and connect with others who get it. I am hoping that you can benefit too in some way from some of the learnings in here noting that everyone is different, and that there are no set rules.

For me, it is simple: Listen to your body, Continue learning, Nourish your soul. And most importantly find more Joy in the everyday.


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