Coronavirus JOMO

It’s fair to say that the last few months have brought their fair share of challenges across the globe. The Coronavirus pandemic has shaped the world and the way we interact with one-another in a way that many of us were not prepared for. However, one of the things I have loved most is the time and special connections I’ve had with my children. I’ve found great joy hearing that there were also others like me who through this time found peace and happiness at home in unsuspecting ways. I won’t pretend it was always easy. Being a single parent, at home with two young children, working and home schooling simultaneously (and staying up late each night to catch up on the work!), cooking three meals a day, not to mention even going to the shops with two kids and ensuring we have all requested supplies on hand! But the joy of not rushing to get everyone dressed with their shoes on and teeth brushed, and out the door to school before 9am and then rushing to get myself to work on time, then home again has been unreal. Instead of birthday parties to buy presents for and run around to on weekends, we have replaced that with bike rides and finding a sunny park for a picnic lunch. After home-school we have been playing umpteen rounds of cards together, pulling out all the board games we’ve ever owned. Painting and crafting with no urgent rush to clean it up. Time to breath and just simple time together has been the greatest gift. It has brought me back to my childhood and it has held so much comfort for me in ways I didn’t realise. I think the trendy term for this is JOMO – Joy Of Missing Out. But now that the wheels are back turning again and life is returning to a ‘new normal’, I am determined to make sure we continue many of these healthy patterns. For me, that means not over-committing and using the phrase “I’ll need to check my calendar and come back to you” when we get asked to attend something. Being an extrovert I thrive off the energy of my friends and with two kids who also love being out and about this doesn’t always come naturally! But I am incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity to realise this and want to say thank you to Coronovirus for this special and bonus time together.

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