mother nurture blog story

This Blog started back in 2011 when I was fed up with my Mum’s repetitive Cancer diagnosis, and I wanted to understand what really made us ‘well’.

“Why do some people get sick and not others who lead very similar lives?”

I wrote a whole bunch of thoughts down based on things that I experienced in my own personal health journey and stories about her journey too. Over time, I became more in tune with my own body and listening to it’s delicate voice.

In many ways, this search evolved into something much deeper for me. A passion was born, but I didn’t know which form it was going to take. In 2013 my gorgeous Mum lost her very brave battle. After her passing, an incredible grief was upon me, and yet I did not have time to fully sit in this feeling and experience it because I soon found out that I was soon to be come a mother myself. Accepting that I would become a ‘Motherless Mother’ in such a small space of time was elating and challenging at the same time.

Five years down the track I now have two beautiful children who everyday I feel incredibly grateful for. They have taught me so much and they are literally the reason I rise everyday! It’s fair to say that the older they get, the exhausting more physical challenges of being a Mum to two young ones, is replaced by more quality time, exploring the world with them, teaching them and I hope also nurturing them. “Mother Nurture” has come full circle. I feel so incredibly grateful to be their Mum.

I don’t think there is one answer, but I often like to ponder what makes us truly well? What does wellness mean to you? Wellness to me includes physical, emotional and mental health. Looking at the stressors in our life, the chemicals around us, the food we eat, the ‘toxic’ world we are now living in relative to 50 or 100 years ago and our body’s unique response to the environment and world around us…


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