When life takes a turn…

screen-shot-2017-02-06-at-2-27-02-pmWhen I first started writing this blog I didn’t have children, my mum was alive and I was happily married.

All 3 major things in my life have changed since then.

I now have 2 gorgeous kids who are one and three years old respectively,  my mum isn’t here anymore and sadly and more recently my husband and I have  separated. They are some pretty substantial and ground-breaking changes. And I am now at a complete point in my life where I am wondering what does my future look like, and where is my life is going to go….???

It’s scary, it’s exciting, it makes me nervous, it makes me incredibly sad….I’ve got lots of reading to do, lots of well meaning friends and a beautiful family around me, really I am very blessed. The next step is…how? Where…what?

I really feel the need for a creative outlet, and so as I already have this blog, I thought I may use it as a space to write about some of my adventures/ trials and tribulations of life as a ‘mother’ in need of ‘nurture’ and as I nurture myself, my children and bring some new awareness and awakening to what is my new life, I hope to gain some insights that may help you and me along the way. Thanks for reading.


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