Oh golly me! Long time between visits!!

It’s been nearly a year since I last wrote. In that time I’ve had a little baby (who is now 9 months!) and as I have become a mother myself I have create and understand my own version of ‘mother nurture’. I first started this blog when my mum was sick with lymphoma and I wanted to understand more about why that may be and – noticing many similarities between us – what I could do to ensure it didn’t happen to me too. Since her passing and the ever evolving circle of life with me becoming a mother just 9 months later, I seem to understand more and more everyday about how self care is so important but how the priority is not yourself when you first have a baby! It’s really hard to nurture yourself, it’s so primal to want to care for the baby you nurture. I flew recently to America with my little boy and was reminded on the plane about in the event of something happening that we are to put our own oxygen masks on first! Only then can we be of the utmost assistance to our loved ones. So, going forward I want to use this space to explore and discuss some of the issues I face as a mother in relation to food, diet, lifestyle, breastfeeding, sleeping etc etc the list goes on as a mum! Thanks for reading and let me know what you think!