The idiocracy of the ‘health’ system

About 2 months ago, I went with my mother to the hospital to meet with her doctor about her bone marrow transplant. A massive operation which she will undertake in January. Fingers and toes crossed that this goes well and that her body ‘takes’ the new immune system. More on this later.

The hospital I refer to is the leading cancer hospital where we live. There are many very sick and some dying people in there. No-one wants to be in there having treatment, despite it’s fabulous doctors and facilities.  Everyone is aware of their fate and that of their family members. One day in particular, I had planned to just spend a few hours there with Mum but being the way hospitals were we spent the day there having tests, waiting and some more waiting. And as it was,  I had to buy my, and my mums, lunch while we there. Do you think I could find one nutritious thing to eat in the canteen? My choices included; fried dim sims, hot chips, donuts, battered fish, thick chicken schnitzel sandwiches and muffins, chocolate bars, coke, buckets of coffee, caramel syrup for milkshakes and other such hideous foods. There was some salad options but this was still very ancient in terms of offering and nothing that was gluten free, or that was ‘nutriitous’.  I was very disappointed that within the hospital system that a place such as a center for cancer treatment, there wasn’t any understanding for a holistic approach for healing and true ‘wellness’. It astounds me in this day and age, with all the information available to us, we aren’t doing ‘more’ to help these sick people in our lives. There needs to be more funding, government support and education in understanding the whole picture of returning to ‘wellness’.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we lived in a world where organic, healthy, delicious and most importantly nutritious food choices were the norm rather than the exception? And that this became just as important as the western medicine itself? I dream of a world where we look at a persons illness in totality, and aim to heal them holistically.


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