Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat. Life-changing.


About a month ago I was lucky enough to spend one glorious week at Gwinganna resort in the Gold Coast Hinterland with my amazing Mum. It’s called a ‘Lifestyle’ retreat, but known lovingly as a health retreat by friends and converts alike. Gwinganna is a special special place. If you find yourself ever able to, I would advise you to go there at least once in your lifetime. It changes something in you!

All that I have written, thought and executed in my ‘healthy’ life, was realised and actualised in the week at Gwinganna. So many of the questions for why my body responded in a certain way were answered. The science and education was such an interesting and enlightening experience for me. (So much so that I want to take this study further.) I do not have any qualifications in the health or wellness industry, just a passion and a keen interest. However, I have discovered an amazing course called the Institute of Integrative Nutrition based out of New York, but that is studied online. And…I am thrilled to say I will be starting this course in 2 weeks time! Will look forward to sharing much of my knowledge with you here!

As guests of Gwinganna we started the day at 5.30am with a gentle knock on the door, before we get ready and head off to do Qi Gong at 6am as the sun comes up. Then a huge walk through nature to get the blood pumping. Returning to camp for a delicious gluten free, dairy free home cooked breakfast. Then the morning is spent doing a mix of some yin (slow) and yang (hard/ fast) activity as and then at 11.30am we meet up for the education seminars. We had some truly amazing people lecture us and help us to put the pieces of the ‘wellness’ puzzle together. Lunch is at 1pm and then from 2pm until 6pm there is ‘dream-time‘ where one spends time getting massaged, pummeled and scrubbed in the absolute world class day spa. Life has never felt so good!

After an early dinner, you retire to your gorgeous room, with no tv’s or screens as distraction to help you drift into a blissful sleep ready to do it all again tomorrow.

I came home from the week away with some incredible clarity about health and wellness, some lovely new friends and a feeling of calm that I have never before experienced. I can’t wait to go back one day, and I hope you get the opportunity to also!


The idiocracy of the ‘health’ system

About 2 months ago, I went with my mother to the hospital to meet with her doctor about her bone marrow transplant. A massive operation which she will undertake in January. Fingers and toes crossed that this goes well and that her body ‘takes’ the new immune system. More on this later.

The hospital I refer to is the leading cancer hospital where we live. There are many very sick and some dying people in there. No-one wants to be in there having treatment, despite it’s fabulous doctors and facilities.  Everyone is aware of their fate and that of their family members. One day in particular, I had planned to just spend a few hours there with Mum but being the way hospitals were we spent the day there having tests, waiting and some more waiting. And as it was,  I had to buy my, and my mums, lunch while we there. Do you think I could find one nutritious thing to eat in the canteen? My choices included; fried dim sims, hot chips, donuts, battered fish, thick chicken schnitzel sandwiches and muffins, chocolate bars, coke, buckets of coffee, caramel syrup for milkshakes and other such hideous foods. There was some salad options but this was still very ancient in terms of offering and nothing that was gluten free, or that was ‘nutriitous’.  I was very disappointed that within the hospital system that a place such as a center for cancer treatment, there wasn’t any understanding for a holistic understanding for healing and wellness. It astounds me in this day and age, with all the information available to us, we aren’t doing ‘more’ to help these sick people in our lives. There needs to be more funding, government support and education in understanding the whole picture of returning to ‘wellness’. Please excuse me while I stand on my soap box!

I know that these sorts of food operations are managed by a contracted supplier that is separate to the hospital doctors itself, but wouldn’t it be wonderful if we lived in a world where organic, healthy, delicious and most importantly nutritious food choices were the norm rather than the exception? And that this became just as important as the western medicine itself? I dream of a world where we look at a persons illness in totality, and aim to heal them holistically.