Quitting sugar…6 weeks on

Six weeks ago my husband and I decided to ‘Quit sugar’. I’ve followed Sarah Wilson’s blog for a couple of years, and observed and even partaken in the principles of Sarah Wilson’s ‘quitting sugar’. But I never did it with a full commitment. I didn’t eat much sugar myself, I’ve been aware of being ‘healthy’ for ever. There were the occasional temptations which were exactly that, but life is short and I wanted to be able to enjoy those occasions. Then my husband and I caught up with a friend who had quit and looked fantastic, and my husband agreed he should try it. And I also had my own reasons.

About eight weeks ago I was diagnosed with poly-cystic ovaries, which is something that about 10% of women will have, and it is believed to be a genetic disorder. It means you may have trouble conceiving, or possible issues with weight loss, acne, hair growth and generally makes a mess of your hormones. One of the things the Eastern medicine specialists will tell you is you must eliminate sugar from your diet. Now, it is worth noting here is that excess sugar is not the cause of PCOS… but that some people who consume sugar are less tolerant of the effects than others and to help you cope with PCOS it is best you avoid sugar.

Natalie Kringoudis from the Pagoda Tree in Melbourne has written a fantastic eBook called “Fertilise Yourself”. And as she explains, being fertile is not just about getting pregnant. “Your fertility is an extension of your health”. Natalie explains that high glycemic index foods like breads and pastas can lead to increased levels of insulin in the blood. And we know that Between 50–70% of women with PCOS have high insulin resistance. To explain this more clearly, Natalie says “Your body converts the high GI carbohydrate to sugar and then stores it as fat to protect itself from the potential damage caused by these dangerously high levels of sugar. This is toxic and bad news for health and fertility. This process also stops the burning of fat that is already stored”.

You might think to yourself – how can so much sugar and high GI foods be in our western diet if they are so toxic? It’s a valid question. Through genetic modification and processing, our foods are not what they were 50 years ago. Whole foods aren’t meant to be played around with. As Natlie says “They are perfect the way nature has made them. When we start to mess around with how they are made, there are always consequences – and in this instance, we are suffering majorly. We’ve stuffed up. We messed around with how foods are genetically made to yield larger crops and gain greater dollars. It seems we thought we could outsmart nature. Turns out, we can’t. By modifying foods we are now paying the price – and our health is a direct reflection of the blunder we’ve made.”

You may have been like me and grew up in a family with the principle of ‘fat is bad’. It was very much the phrase of the 80’s and 90’s. In our family it was always low fat milk, yoghurt or cheese. When we remove the fat from food – it’s topped up with sugar. Dessert or a snack was always a piece of fruit. And I know what you are thinking, ‘but fruit is natural’. You are correct, and this is technically not bad for us. But the thing is we are now consuming far too much of it. Of all sugars. Back when we were cave-men we used to eat a couple of berries every now and then, and use it as instant energy, we used to eat the fat on the chicken and we used to eat full fat cheese. We need to ‘unlearn’ the 80’s way of dieting, the anti-fat message needs to stop. Protein and fats are the most important foods to focus on for fertility and health, because our hormones are made from fat and protein.

For me, since I’ve eliminated Sugar I’ve noticed positive changes including more energy, a sense of ‘lightness,’ a decrease in bloating, consistent bowel movements and emotional balance. My skin has been better too. My husband has experienced 6 kilograms of weight loss in 6 short weeks. Just from quitting sugar. Nothing else. Isn’t that amazing?

I don’t think I’ll ever go back to my old ways…’99% fat free’ does not mean it’s good for you. Sugar free, that’s something else.

I’ll be posting some yummy sugar free recipes I’ve discovered, and created to help you in your journey, and I would also recommend you buy Sarah’s Wilson’s “I quit sugar” eBook of sugar free recipes. Delicious and truly nutritious!


3 thoughts on “Quitting sugar…6 weeks on

  1. Hey! Thanks for the article, I was diagnosed with insulin resistant PCOS a month ago and have been quite overwhelmed with altering my diet. I’ve got the eating unprocessed low carbs, good protein and fats down easy but still eat a large amount of fruit, high GI ones too. I now rarely eat refined sugars but could these natural sugars be the reason I’m not losing weight, I’m fatigued and have crazy mood swings? mangoes and bananas are just so hard to give up without some reassurance it worked for others.
    Thanks in advance for your help 🙂

    1. Hi Jess, it absolutely worked for me! First try cutting down the sugar you eat per day to include low fructose fruits like berries and kiwi fruit. Mangos are very high in fructose but delicious I agree! If you cut back to just 1 serving of fruit a day for a month trial, preferably first thing in the morning when it is best for your digestion, just see how you feel after 1 month. Then if you need to have a snack of some nuts or cheese when the afternoon snack requirement arises. Also avoid fruit juices completely! I can now enjoy a smoothie in the morning with half a banana, some organic raspberries with some coconut water, nuts and greens. Keep in touch and let me know how you go! Thanks for writing 😉

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