Microwave Experiment – Update

I’m pleased to say that after 3 months, 2 of them being Winter we have survived as a non-microwave family! Initially, I wasn’t sure how we would cope with quick Winter meals, heating up last nights left overs or defrosting chicken quickly before dinner when I’ve forgot to leave it out to thaw. But, I think we haven’t just survived, we’ve thrived!
Apart from the major plus of us having a heap more bench space to cut, mix, blend, juice and whisk our healthy meals, I’ve also learnt how our grand-parents used to cook, in a time where there was a lot less cancer and disease in general present. Something to consider.

Things I’ve learnt:
1. To thaw meat, fill a bowl with hot but not boiling water and place meat in plastic wrapping in. Leave for 10 minutes. Pour water out and repeat with more fresh hot water until meat begins to thaw. Gradually move the meat a bit and then just keep repeating for as long as you need.
2. Leftover dinner of any combination of vegetables, quinoa, rice etc can be made into a delicious next day meal by cracking an egg and whisking it up, tossing the left over dinner through it and then cooking the new mix together in a fry pan, so it becomes halfway between and omelet and scrambled eggs. A perfect protein packed lunch.
3. Porridge tastes better made on the stove. With coconut cream, frozen blueberries and cinnamon sprinkled on top- breakfast never tasted so good.
4. Asparagus on the grill plate in a bit of coconut oil and chill flakes instead of quickly ‘zapped’ for 30 seconds is a perfect accompaniment for any meal, or a quick and easy snack.
5. Papadums can be cooked on the stove but aren’t good for you anyway. Crunch with curries can be added with roasted cashew nuts or toasted pepitas.
6. Re-heating left over chicken isn’t that good for you anyway. “Zapping” away the salmonella in the microwave was never a good idea!
7. There is a little bit more cleanup with no microwave, but the taste and feeling of not eating food that has been ‘damaged’ makes you feel great!

I wonder if you have adopted this practice as well or if you think I am just plain nuts?!


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