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I’ve been spending a lot of time reading other peoples blogs, books, eBooks, recipes and attending raw food cooking classes that I haven’t spent as much time right here writing. I’ve come across some incredible people and sites and so I thought it was time to pay it forward and share the love a bit, letting you know who I’ve been listening to, who I get my inspiration from and where I have been…!

Sarah Wilson – eBook “I Quit Sugar”. I am a big fan of Sarah’s. She writes an incredible and very honest blog over at and it was here I first heard about the ‘quitting sugar’ mentality. So, when the eBook was launched I was first to buy it and download. I can’t say I am 100% off sugar (yet Sarah!), but what it has done is (despite being a very ‘healthy’ person) it has made me aware of the many added sugars in my life (such as honey in tea, a piece of fruit), and since this I have cut back enormously. I now choose a piece of (goats) cheese as a snack instead of an apple. If you want to read more, you can buy it and read about it here:

Jess Ainscough is an amazing woman who has managed to kick Cancer in the butt by changing her diet and lifestyle- dramatically. Jess is -for me- an amazing and true example what many cancer sufferers should do…by taking responsibility for her illness she has returned to optimum health so that it can heal itself.  The approach is that, we should we try new things and learn what makes feel/ sleep/ work/live better rather than expecting doctors/ drugs etc to fix our illness for us.

Last week I also attended a Raw Food Cooking Course with Natalie from Purity in Hampton. (My husband says Raw Cooking is an oxymoron so let’s call it Raw Recipes!). We spent a delightful night learning about the power of raw enzymes in our food and why we all need to buy new blenders. More posts on this soon!

Louise Hay and Caroline Myss are blogs I have been subscribed to for a long time, and they are both amazing. The principle for both is that all physical ailments have an emotional root. There is a fantastic chakra flash link on Caroline’s site that I find myself drawn to, and asking the questions on the list when I or someone I love is sick around me.

Dr Libby. I met Dr Libby 4 years ago in New Zealand and have had my eyes completely blown wide open about the health and most importantly ‘wellness’ industry since our first session together. Her first book “Accidentally Overweight” I have given copies to all my friends and family and read myself, and her new book “Rushing Women’s Syndrome” is highlighting another issue we will face the repercussions of over the next decade – if we don’t act now. Libby is so passionate and incredibly smart on all things wellness. Her website needs a bit of a glam up, but the info and human behind the brand is amazing. Libby is the next Deepak Chopra! Visit:

My New Roots – is a blog of beautiful recipes I get delivered to my inbox about once per week. Every time they come through I salivate! (and immediately have to stop what I am doing to do a quick read!) Some are raw, some are vegetarian – all are delicious. If you need healthy inspired cooking – this is it!

Barre Body – I just discovered these people tonight and already I have signed up to my first class! They combine yoga, pilates, ballet to get you really toned and feeling and looking fit…that’s what I am talking about! Will let you know how this new class goes!

Will post more as they come to me, but these are my ‘gurus’ thus far…!



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