Yoghurt. Mmmm.

Yoghurt has been one of my favourite foods for a long time. It’s the one thing that I have found that I’ve really missed since giving up dairy. Pre-dairy intolerant days I would have lovely pot-set jalna yoghurt with my morning porridge or muesli every single day. Sometimes for snacks I’d have a little on it’s own with some chopped nuts or LSA, and found it a healthy compliment to meals adding calcium, protein and vital nutrients particularly Lactobacillus acidophilus (LA). We need LA for healthy gut bacteria and are often advised to take a probiotic supplement after a course of antibiotcs in order to recolonise the gastrointestinal tract. Growing up we always were having tubs of fruit flavoured yo-plait for afternoon tea or other times for so called ‘healthy snacks’.
Since giving up cows milk (dairy) I was thrilled to find sheeps yoghurt in my local IGA. I found it to be terrific for cooking recipes to replace sour cream etc but to have on its own or with morning muesli muesli was ok for a while, but I then found it very gamey with a rich animal flavour which I wasn’t quite used to. I persisted for a while, adding a bit of maple syrup and fruit to hide the flavour but it was never a real replacement. And now even the smell is too much. So breakfast wasn’t as fun for a while, and since you all know how much I adore my breakfast I wasn’t thrilled about this. I then read Sarah Wilson’s eBook “I quit sugar” and learnt about  Mono-unsaturated fats being actually good for us. So it was a true delight to discover CoCoYo coconut yoghurt which is delicious, creamy and full of healthy acidophilus. However, it is quite expensive and because of its rich taste it is not something you can just have as a snack as I so used to like doing.
I then experimented using straight coconut cream mixed in with brown rice porridge and my ‘naked harpukpuka’ mix and some mango which was delicious…but still not quite the yoghurt ‘hit’ that I was after.
But then….a fellow health nut friend told me about goats yoghurt. And then on the shelf in the supermarket the very next day I noticed ‘Alpine goats yoghurt’. It came in a huge tub with a yellow lid and I thought it was worth a try. The flavour said wildberry, and was also pot-set yoghurt with the fruit puree at the  bottom and yoghurt on top. Best thing was it was only 3.6grams of sugar per 100grams! The actual yoghurt is quite tart but once mixed it tastes like the yoghurt of old! Relief!
I just have to find a way they can do smaller pots to take with me when I am out at cafes!
Are you a yoghurt lover like me? What other recipes have you added yoghurt too? I made buckwheat pancakes on the weekend for a bit of a treat and then put my goats yoghurt and sliced banana and blueberries on the top…it was delicious.


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