Decent gluten free bread…does it exist?

As I have mentioned, I have cut out gluten from my diet. Occasionally when I’m away from home or out at a restaurant where there is no alternative, I think I’ll be fine and I go and eat a piece of sourdough bread only to find the side affects are still there. I haven’t been medically diagnosed with coeliac disease and I don’t believe I have it, but I do certainly have an intolerance to wheat in breads or pasta etc. Generally I get bloated and my digestion gets put on hold for a few days! Which is a shame because a great piece of bread with proper organic butter is a very simple delight in this very busy world.
A while ago I was driving and on the radio came a woman whose name I forget who explained that our bodies were never meant to eat the amount of gluten that we are now consuming and so our bodies are using the only voice they have saying  ‘no more’ with certain symptoms. Gluten used to be just in things like bread to hold it together, but it has now found its way into yoghurts, dips, most processed food, many sauces and more! Which is why our bodies are shouting out to us with symptoms (look for ingredients in the number 1400’s when it’s often described as a thickener). Since I have a very ‘healthy’ moderated diet I do question why this continues to plague me but I am sure that years of gluten over-consumption takes time to heal and I am not perfect!.
Which is why I am so excited about Matisse’s Bakery Gluten Free Sourdough. Amazing.
I discovered this one day at the South Melbourne market in the organic shop while looking for a ‘nice’ GF bread that didn’t fall to pieces the second you tried to actually do something with it. I haven’t looked back…!
Matisse’s sourdough has no additives, preservatives and they make fresh mixes everyday! It also has a great texture which stays together, and when you toast it the butter melts into the bread and holds it. Their fruit loaf is brilliant too, yummy with not too much fruit.
The only downside is that it is about $9 a loaf, but even if you just have it occasionally it it will be worth the treat!
I have spoken to them to see if they have distributors around Australia and there are none yet but you can call and order on the phone and they will pack and send it to you fresh! How good is that? Hope you get some gf bread joy!
Matisse Sourdough: 03 9532 6182


8 thoughts on “Decent gluten free bread…does it exist?

  1. Its more of a question than a reply ! I live in essendon area and wud like to kno if you supply to an area near by … in case you dont know the area brunswick ,coburg, moonee ponds, essendon, carlton, and even the city or preston…some of the regular markeks like preston or vic market perhap? I couldn’t see any other contact point ! thanks regards Lee

    1. Hi Lee, thanks for the comment! This is just a blog I write about the fabulous things I find. You can buy Matisse from a range of places, but the easiest way is to call them up and you can order over the phone/ have them send direct to you. Here is their website: and the contact phone number is 03 9532 6182 – worth calling them and asking about their stockists in your area! Good luck. And thanks for stopping by!

  2. Thank you for this beautiful word and blog.We
    are still a small bakery but we have a lot of demand and we deliver some place .there are some farmers market on the weekend too. It is better to call us and we’ll let you know the closer one.We can send by courier as well
    Thank you everyone
    Mattisse team

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