Olive Leaf Extract

Is this the best thing since echinacea?
I remember about 15 years ago, my mum was all about the echinacea. When we sneezed once, it’d be “take some echinacea”, it was the super herbal supplement of the 90’s. But now, there is a new force..it’s called Olive Leaf.
At Easter this year I was in New Zealand with friends and after much busy planning, finishing off work projects before we went away and with the international flight, as it so often happens, when I eventually got to my destination and relaxed my body tried to get sick. But I wasn’t armed with any of my normal ‘pills and potions’ and so I went into the local chemist and asked for some echinacea. It was a lucky day for me because I met a lovely sales person who knew all about what I had going on and who told me to buy the olive leaf extract, go home, take it, keep taking it and see how I felt.
I did as I was told and literally within 5 minutes – I’m not kidding- my throat felt better. I drank water that night, no wine. And I did get an early night. The next morning I took some more ‘minty syrup’ as everyone was calling it and then I took it with every meal that day. And by the next morning it was a case of ‘what sickness?’. I was so much better that I too was hooked.
So, back to Melbourne it came with me. And there it stayed. My husband is notorious for getting sore tonsils EVERY single Winter. For the past 6 years we have been together. It is always the same deal, sore throat, red swollen tonsils, go to doctor, get antibiotics, they work for a week and then it comes back about 4 weeks later. This Winter I got him to try Olive Leaf extract every time he got a sore throat and I am pleased to report he did not need antibiotics once this whole Winter and his sickness from a sore throat was pipped at the post every time by the Olive Leaf extract ! Isn’t that amazing?
I have looked into it to see what is in this super syrup and this is what I have found: Oleuropein is the most important constituent in olive leaves and this has been ‘scientifically tested’ and shown to be effective against a number of diseases causing microbes including the viruses that cause influenza. Secondly, this can ‘interfere with the ability of bacteria and viruses to replicate themselves and cause infection’. I’ve always preferred a more natural way to treat infection and now I’m convinced, give it a try and let me know what you think!


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