Decent gluten free bread…does it exist?

As I have mentioned, I have cut out gluten from my diet. Occasionally when I’m away from home or out at a restaurant where there is no alternative, I think I’ll be fine and I go and eat a piece of sourdough bread only to find the side affects are still there. I haven’t been … Continue reading Decent gluten free bread…does it exist?


Running makes me happy!

Throwing on your runners and your iPod is one of the easiest and quickest ways to take off for some exercise. You only need 30minutes to have a great workout and for many of us, some days that is all the time we can afford in our busy lifestyles! A few years ago I was … Continue reading Running makes me happy!

Olive Leaf Extract

Is this the best thing since echinacea? I remember about 15 years ago, my mum was all about the echinacea. When we sneezed once, it’d be “take some echinacea”, it was the super herbal supplement of the 90’s. But now, there is a new’s called Olive Leaf. At Easter this year I was in … Continue reading Olive Leaf Extract