I have always loved juices, and regularly drink a beetroot, carrot, celery and ginger mix. But as I live in an apartment with a very small kitchen I just don’t have the space for a juicer a) on my bench or b) in my cupboards! But a few months ago, I heard about green smoothies. Green smoothies? I thought smoothies were those yummy blueberry and strawberry ‘treats’ you have with your grandma? They sometimes even put ice-cream in them, how could they be healthy? But, I had a lot to learn….smoothies, when made right can be very healthy indeed. I heard about the “green smoothie challenge” and typed it into google. It’s a two week challenge, where you incorporate green veggies into your blender and drink. Apparently, when juicing you loose a lot of the good nutrients so smoothies include all these valuable nutrients into your diet. I did the challenge, and there were a few I did not like, there were some that grew on me, and some which I loved. And after a few days, I did notice having a green tinge to my poo(!) and noticed my digestion improving rapidly. The particles of a smoothie made like this are so easy for your body to break down. So, now I just try to have a green smoothie 3 or 4 days a week, and in it I put; frozen blue berries, half a banana, two handfuls of fresh spinach, one handful of rocket, a handful of fresh parsley cut straight from my pot on the balcony, about a cup of purified water and two teaspoons of ‘vital greens’ powder. And best of all it’s alkalising. (More on this in another post).  Now…it’s not for everyone…a friend was over the other day and turned their nose up at even the thought. “Try it” I said “it’s actually really nice”. So they did, and made the vomit face! Ok, I get it but you have to remember this is a healthy smoothie, and seriously the more you have the more you will come to love them and expect the new flavours. Occasionally I add the bioceuticals protein powder, but that’s generally if I am using the smoothie as meal replacement or if I am having one after a big workout and I want a bit more protein. Sometimes I’ll add a bit of fresh lemon, the rocket gives a nice bitter/ sweet bite to it and really all in all very delicious – and so nutritious! So why not give it a go today? In fact I think I’ll go and make one right now! You can visit the site yourself here:


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