What’s your chakra?

I am sure many of your have heard about Chakra’s but perhaps you don’t understand what they mean for you? With more news of a family members ill health, I decided to learn to understand these better and how they affect my life. There are 7 main (primary) chakras in our lives- which all influence our health greatly. The premise is that the health concerns related to them are caused by an imbalance in the chakra itself, at an emotional and spiritual level. This then manifests into a physical ailment.
The belief is that illness, is for us and those around us, is an opportunity to learn a higher lesson. And deciding if you want to learn from that lesson is part of the battle!
Your whole body can be affected depending on the emotions and concerns that you carry around with you. Childhood, work, life and other stresses or issues that you may not consciously be aware of could be the cause of your illness now.
Please don’t jump down my throat, as I don’t think that every single thing that goes wrong with you physically is a chakra issue because we are human beings that are affected by nature and accidents happen.
However, we all have intuition and we all are often provided with ‘hints’ about what you should be doing and how you should be living but we often ignore the words. “I know I need to lose some weight, I know I need to drink less” are all too often spoken phrases…but this post is a good chance to ask yourself…do you know what you need to change but continually postpone taking action? If so, why is that? Chakra work is not easy…so don’t for one minute think we can all just have some deep ‘me’ time and all our problems will be sorted. But as humans, and as Australians, we have the tendency to ‘sweep things under the carpet’ and according to Chakra philosophies, those emotions are transferred at a cellular level in our bodies. Often, it’s only where there is a bulge in the carpet do we notice/ take action. And even then we sometimes need to be reminded of the lesson! I’m really fascinated by this topic and so ’ll be writing more about this but I’d love to know what you think, or if you have had any chakra experiences which have changed you?


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