Women and happiness.

I have recently come across a few articles that inform me of the fact that women’s happiness levels are declining. Given the fact that we can now vote, work, speak our minds and even become prime-minister we are led to believe that women have all we’ve ever wanted. However, according to certain surveys this doesn’t appear to be the case. Marcus Buckingham has written about this in his bestselling book ‘Find Your Strongest Life’ and has said that results show that over the last 40 years or so, “life is not trending toward more fulfillment for women; life is…becoming more draining instead”. Buckingham has even quoted Thomas Jefferson in saying that  “though women now have the liberty to choose whichever life they’d like, many are struggling in their pursuit of a happy life.”
As I look amongst my friends, most do seem pretty happy. But most of us are also at that wonderful stage of being DINKS (double income no kids). I am sure once children come into the picture life balance will get a whole lot harder. Being very interested in the topic and from my own observations my personal belief is that women can’t have it all….right now. You can have the perfect job, family, clean house, fit body, social life, relationship, as well as some ‘me time’, BUT just not all at the same time. And I think anyone who tries to tell me otherwise is deluding themselves! Unless of course you have the most perfect partner who is at home to share the load. You often will hear women say “I just can’t do it all” and in many ways we need to accept that something has to give. A while ago, Germain Greer made a comment that said that nothing has changed with feminism, other than the fact that “women are now doing all the work”. And I think in many instances this is true. Most of us can’t afford a nanny, a cleaner, a cook, a gardener and what I feel has happened is women are now working alongside men but yet they also have another full time job when they get home – one that is not paid but that is equally if not more demanding (and some would argue even more important). When I was a child and was asked what my parents did for a living I used to say ‘my mum doesn’t work”. Ouch! With 4 kids, a dog, a large house to run and an energetic busy husband her job was busier than many! And it’s only now do I realise how much of an insult this must have been for her. “A woman’s work is never done” is a famous statement for a reason.  No wonder why women’s happiness is suffering. So what do you think? Are we happier now? Is is harder? We have so many pro’s of being empowered in both the work place and home, but with it does it get harder to be truly happy?


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