Muesli for dinner?

Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day. Sometimes before I go to bed I get excited about waking up because I love my breakfasts. I know – that sounds mad. But for me, every mouthful serves a purpose of including just what my body needs to nourish me for a big day ahead. It’s normally gluten free muesli, chopped almonds, stewed pear /rhubarb or fresh mango or paw paw, sheeps yoghurt with a sprinkle of coconut, chia seeds and LSA. The mix is so delicious to me that I get annoyed when I go out for breakfast and I am horribly let down.
However, sometimes there are exceptions to my muesli ritual. A few months ago we had a friends wedding in the country and were staying at a local B&B. It was a bit of a late night, and as I woke, the smell of a traditional old fashioned breakfast rose up the stairs. And all of a sudden I needed what ever that smell was. For me, this is very unusual. I can’t normally face eggs in the morning. (And I love my muesli combination too much!) But, my body was craving it, the smell was sublime and and so I decided to listen! So I ordered it. Local free-range eggs, with really yellow yokes. With mushrooms and spinach on thick sourdough toast. Yum. It hit the spot and I felt great.
But a few hours later, I felt something was amiss. I had drunk plenty of water. I had my regular lemon in hot water when I first got up. I even had a cup of green tea as I read the paper but I just didn’t feel quite ‘right’. Then it hit me, ‘A ha’ I realised that I needed my muesli fix. My days just aren’t right without it. So when we got home that evening, I poured myself a bowl of muesli and ate it for dinner. Every crunchy munchy nutritious mouthful was delicious. I ate it and I instantly felt like I was back to being me!
Sometimes if I am out for a work function, I get home late and having not eaten, know that I need to eat something before I go to bed. But it’s not ideal to go to bed on a full stomach of ‘proper’ dinner, so again, I pour a little bowl of muesli. And it hits the spot every time. Do you have any meal time rituals? Are you a cereal or cooked breakfast person? Or do not eat breakfast at all?


2 thoughts on “Muesli for dinner?

  1. What a fabulous post!
    And I agree with you 100% – I adore my morning bowl of gluten-free muesli – it’s filled with almonds, sultanas, chia seeds and other yummy goodness (I also add a tablespoon of melted coconut oil – it adds a delicious creamy taste to it). Just yesterday I had run out of my muesli and hadn’t got around to purchasing another box – my breakfast the next morning was very unsatisfying!

    I’ve also had it for dinner a few times, on those nights where I’m feeling a tad lazy. And now all this talk about it has made me crave some!

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