These are a few of my favourite things…White linen.

Don’t you just love fresh white sheets? Seriously, is there anything better than hopping into bed, all nice and fresh after a shower and a day full of exercise and good food – and diving into that gorgeous crisp but smooth feeling of freshly laundered 400 thread count Egyptian white sheets?
I don’t think so, and I often muse about this on my twitter account and many seem to agree! White is timeless, crisp, universal and calming. I’m sure there are also other spiritual elements of white that I am yet to learn.
I normally wash our sheets once a week on Sundays as I seem to have more time then to hang them out in the sun and pull them in when required. Because of this, it makes going to bed on Sunday night pure joy rather than a disappointment after the lovely weekend we’ve just had.
Country Road do a great job of making the whole ‘white sheet theme’ work, but in my experience their quality is not as good as Sheridan and the White Linen company or Moss River.
For me, clean white sheets provide positive and calming energy to make for beautiful sleep – and as sleep is so important to our bodies ability to repair and heal, why would you not want to make sure you can do everything you can to help enhance the sleep experience?
Hope you all sleep well tonight, I know I will!


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