No dairy.


Recently I have cut out dairy of my diet. And to tell you the truth – I feel fantastic!
Typically dairy is cow. But many people lump all milk and yoghurt products into the one category. My dad has said to me all my life that “cows milk is for baby cows” but I have never really taken that on board until recently. So, I am still having sheeps yoghurt, goats cheese and today I tried a beautiful sheeps brie that made me so excited to know that even in my present state I can still enjoy yummy cheeses!
So why did I do this? It started earlier in the year when I did a detox and I cut out coffee, dairy and alcohol for the month of February- and when the month was over I was craving coffee and I was craving my yoghurt on my muesli. But the funny thing was when I first had it again after the detox, it did not agree with me. I thought it was the coffee, so I skipped the coffee (and haven’t been back- more on that later). But then a few days later I was out and ordered a blueberry smoothie and it had me running for the toilet. I won’t bore you with the details but it just ‘went through me’. And so I thought…perhaps it is dairy that I am best without. I then switched my diet. I stayed off coffee, I replaced cows milk for rice milk on my muesli, jalna yoghurt with sheeps yoghurt, and my favourite blue castello cheese with goats cheese.
And the results were almost instantaneous!
My skin was suddenly completely blemish free, my bowel movements were more regular and frequent, my tummy was less bloated and I began again to feel more energised. In fact I have kept with it. But like I have mentioned earlier, sometimes you have to zig-zag. Life is too short not to sometimes enjoy our favourite things. And sometimes it is just not humanly possible to be a ‘perfect eater’. Given I am a foodie who loves cooking as well as new restaurant experiences and who has to be social for both professional and sanity reasons I don’t always eat perfectly! But, it’s what you do everyday that matters, not what you do sometimes! I have noticed now that when I do “zag” that my body has become even more intolerant of the dairy that I prefer to listen to my bodies ‘voice’ and avoid it as much as I can. The consequences aren’t worth it!
Do you have any food intolerance’s? Have you noticed a difference when you do or don’t eat dairy or other certain foods?


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