I have always loved juices, and regularly drink a beetroot, carrot, celery and ginger mix. But as I live in an apartment with a very small kitchen I just don’t have the space for a juicer a) on my bench or b) in my cupboards! But a few months ago, I heard about green smoothies. … Continue reading


What’s your chakra?

I am sure many of your have heard about Chakra’s but perhaps you don’t understand what they mean for you? With more news of a family members ill health, I decided to learn to understand these better and how they affect my life. There are 7 main (primary) chakras in our lives- which all influence … Continue reading What’s your chakra?

Women and happiness.

I have recently come across a few articles that inform me of the fact that women's happiness levels are declining. Given the fact that we can now vote, work, speak our minds and even become prime-minister we are led to believe that women have all we’ve ever wanted. However, according to certain surveys this doesn’t … Continue reading Women and happiness.

Muesli for dinner?

Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day. Sometimes before I go to bed I get excited about waking up because I love my breakfasts. I know - that sounds mad. But for me, every mouthful serves a purpose of including just what my body needs to nourish me for a big day ahead. It’s … Continue reading Muesli for dinner?

These are a few of my favourite things…White linen.

Don’t you just love fresh white sheets? Seriously, is there anything better than hopping into bed, all nice and fresh after a shower and a day full of exercise and good food - and diving into that gorgeous crisp but smooth feeling of freshly laundered 400 thread count Egyptian white sheets? I don’t think so, … Continue reading These are a few of my favourite things…White linen.

Gluten free, dairy free Orange and Almond Cake

Since cutting out dairy and gluten (most of the time) from my diet, occasionally I have found it a bit disappointing that I don’t get to enjoy some of the many yummy cakes/ sweet things on offer. Sometimes it's not so much the food itself but the ritual of a 'cup of tea and cake' … Continue reading Gluten free, dairy free Orange and Almond Cake

Herb gardens.

Do you have a herb garden? I live in Melbourne, which is a climate which gets very cold in Winter and very warm in Summer. For the past couple of years, my husband and I have had a herb garden thriving on our north-facing apartment balcony which we use wherever we can, often adding to … Continue reading Herb gardens.

Bikram Yoga.

From what I have found so far, you either love Bikram or you loathe it. I first tried Bikram yoga about 4 years ago with my husband when it was relatively ‘new’ and was the latest and greatest fitness fad. I have to admit, it was a struggle. It was really hot, smelly, and hard … Continue reading Bikram Yoga.